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Alyona Polyn is a clairvoyant hereditary witch, author of magic books, oracles, and the world’s only complete Tarot deck. The ancestral powers descending from the Dynasty of witches are now inherited by her daughters. The eldest daughter Kristina wrote her first work on magic, a book Then the Demon Told Me, aged 14. Alyona Polyn is a founder of the international magic organization The Empire of the Most Powerful Witches, which explores the universe and practices witchcraft. The source of Alyona Polyn’s entire knowledge is the Root of Everything Existing and Creating. It enables her to really wit the matter, that is to turn wishes into the material, without national or directional divide. Alyona Polyn’s powers are unlimited. By initiation into witchery, Alyona Polyn enables the one initiated to also gain knowledge from the Root.

"People have divided magic by nationalities, colors, and religions, becoming priests of different Gods. This breaks the integral layer of knowledge, leaving no chance to comprehend the depth of magic," says Alyona Polyn.

Alyona Polyn is known for significant discoveries in magic and witchcraft, the unique practices. Her apprentices already create their works on magic and help people. Alyona Polyn was the first to unveil the secret knowledge on the world order. She demonstrated that our part of the Earth is a cup, explained the cocoon and its shrinking, the Woman’s Order – Alyona Polyn revealed a lot of such knowledge, which is now available to people.

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