About the Empire of the Most Powerful Witches

The Empire of the Most Powerful Witches is the only occult organization of the international scale.

Потомственная ведьма Алёна Полынь

The EMPW was founded by a hereditary witch Alyona Polyn. The connection between generations, which justifies the title of a hereditary or an ancestral witch, is not just in words here. My grandmother is a member of a notable Family of witches, and now my daughters continue the Dynasty of witches.

The public perceives a witch figure as an ignorant, somewhat rude woman or grandam, asocial, practicing witchcraft night and day somewhere at the cemetery or at the stove. I want to make clarifications, as the true understanding is now lost. A witch means the one witting the matter, thus, the witches were inside different social groups, in particular the elite. However, people carried through only the concept of folksy witchcraft and an old woman wearing straw shoes, which is still the general understanding nowadays. Meanwhile, the aristocracy was very heavily engaged in occult practices, establishing the occult organizations. The witchcraft and magic of nobility was very different from the folksy witchery. That was expressed in the depth of knowledge, the possibility of substantial study of the universe and the interest in magic as a science, which was the inherent capacity of the nobility. Certainly, the actual rituals had different power and purpose, because the environment always shapes the perception of the world.

The cultures of all people have lots of deep knowledge, although the magic of people of different status and nationality still has the same Source – the Root. The Power of the Root is what the Empire of the Most Powerful Witches is based on. We do not divide the Earth by countries, rather by the areas, as we understand that the Earth is a single body. The knowledge of any country, the magic of any people is something that requires in-depth study. A lot has been lost, but not for good. The EMPW retrieves the witchery knowledge of the past and develops own magic practices.

Whats does the EMPW do?

Чем занимается Империя Сильнейших Ведьм?

The main and the most important objective of the EMPW is to improve the vital activities of the Earth and increase the quality of life for the people possessing knowledge – those required for the Earth to ensure interaction. How is the vital activity of the Earth and the quality of human life improved?

Through the knowledge practically applied towards the Earth by witches and witchers of the EMPW. Through physical aid to the Earth. Namely, planting trees and flowers from the Red List. No simple planting, however, but a ritual one, which not only ensures greening of the Earth, but also executes the powerful energy rituals for recovery of the Earth.

By learning magic and sorcery to its deepest, the witches and witchers of the Empire become capable of applying the magical knowledge to improve the quality of life of themselves and their family, the countries they live in, and the entire Earth.

The people’s perception of the world includes many religions, while the Empire of the Most Powerful Witches points to a single Source of all knowledge. Every religion is built on a certain knowledge and always has a purpose, it being the various influence on the human conscience. We do not deny any religion, we say that all is one. When creating one or another religion, referring to one or another God, you have to understand that the womb of everything is the Root. The Root of everything existing and creating. Disliking any country is denying a part of the Earth, same as disliking any part of your body. Insulting the feelings of believers of some religion or God by invalidating their faith and globalizing the other one is a blind alley of ignorance. Knowledge of all religions came from the witting teachings.

Each religion filtered the knowledge to suit the conscience of people living in a certain country, but made sure that those incompetent do not gain excessive intelligence, which would encourage the learning of the individual conscience and detachment from the mass of biorobots. That is why the Empire of the Most Powerful Witches loves the entire Earth and explores all the knowledge. That is to facilitate the Greatheartedness, the growth of soul from being a guise into being the Great (that is the meaning of greatheartedness). Magic is the science of all sciences and religion of all religions, and this means it contains that grain which can grow a garden. We understand the depth and capacity of the knowledge which opens to us day after day.

The EMPW does initiation into witches and witchers. Initiation into a witch or a witcher does not imply denial of some egregore (e.g. abandonment of Christ), killing a rooster at a cemetery. If a magician tells you about denial or, to the contrary, initiates only Muslims or Christians, he is unconversant.

Initiation into witches and witchers at the EMPW is firstly the acceptance to the Empire, secondly the obtaining of the Power of Four Elements, thirdly the access to the witting channel containing the knowledge of witches and witchers of the depth of time and space, and fourthly the access to the channel of the Creator. It is a real initiation into witchery which, of course, carries the responsibility and obligations. There are books and videos on initiation, which help to understand what it actually is, for the ignorance causes inexplicable, weird, and sometimes dangerous initiations.

The Empire of the Most Powerful Witches does initiation into the Grove. What is the Grove of the Empire?

Империя Сильнейших Ведьм посвящает в Рощу

There are people who are far from magic just yet, but clearly understand the need for better quality of life on Earth. Such people are not ready to be initiated into witchery, but they certainly can enter the witting Grove. The Grove gives an opportunity to grow by joining a powerful organization of witches. This means protection, support and help from the egregore of the Empire of the Most Powerful Witches.

The EMPW is a single organization for everyone practicing magic and sorcery, regardless of the direction, nationality or faith. The EMPW delivers training on magic, we study all the directions of magic and sorcery, achieving improvement day-to-day. The witches and witchers from all countries join the EMPW to gain deeper knowledge of witchery and help the Earth. Today, membership in the Empire is the emphasis of the witch status in itself. Therefore, many people referring for magical aid to witches and witchers inquire about initiation with Alyona Polyn’s EMPW.

Alyona Polyn is the author of books on magic, creator of the biggest amount of oracles in the world, and the only person who opened the Tarot magic to everyone and proved the incompleteness of the classic Tarot cards in terms of energy. Alyona Polyn is the one who issued the complete deck of Tarot 111 cards. The website contains lost of video trainings. Her oldest daughter Kristina Mandrake published her first book at the age of 14. All that confirms the possibility to grow and develop in magic based on the knowledge of the Powerful Witting Dynasty.

Alyona Polyn’s students publish their own books and cards, have magic chambers on the EMPW’s website. Magic and sorcery training with the Empire relies on a full-fledged in-depth approach that extends in all directions. The theory meets practice, bringing up the powerful witches and witchers and engaging the Power of ancestral witches.

A frequent question

Does a witch or a witcher possessing the ancestral witting Power, that is the hereditary magical Power, need initiation into witchery? Yes. As said above, the initiation into witchery at the EMPW opens access to the Single Witting Channel, as well as enables to obtain deeper knowledge, communicate and exchange practices with the like-minded people.

The magnitude of the Empire of the Most Powerful Witches is apparent to everyone, and the EMPW has become a kind of a mother of all the witches and witchers, and only charlatans avoid joining the Empire, as they do not need training in magic and sorcery. When referring to a witch for help, always consider whether she is a member of the Empire. You can write us to request clarification, as all the serious witches and witchers belong to the Empire of the Most Powerful Witches. A witch studies her entire life, since the knowledge of magic and sorcery is boundless, and that is why all the serious practitioners join the EMPW. People who need help can come to the Parapsychological Center of Alyona Polyn in Moscow, where appointments to the witch’s apprentices are available.

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