Here is my review

Last 7 of May I received the power of the metal another level in the witch path, just 2 days after marrying, before entering to the empire of the witches I was alone and single for over 5 years.

The ritual was performed from master Lana, she has helped me out so much in my witch path. First sensation while she was saying the spell was flowing spiral energy flowing through my chest blooming out through my head expanding each time more and more, I also hear the voice of the name for my ritual knife, and some other voices saying Thanks to the forces for the power of metal that will help me out.

I only have words for gratitude to the forces, to the masters, Aliona and Lana, without their help all the blessings I have in my life wouldn’t be possible.

Entering to the empire was the best thing I could have experienced, breaking up with the chains of religion and be able to work with the forces have helped me out changing my life for good 360 degrees. I become vegetarian, I become more active, I met the love of my life, my husband and I move from Peru to Germany in less than a year. Everything went so fast and naturally.

I will continue with my path, faith and with the gratitude for the help of the forces.


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